Azadari; Mourning for Imam Hussain (as)
As soon as the moon of Muharam al-Haram appears, the Mullahs express their outrage at mourning for Imam Husayn (as) and pledge to get mourning processions banned. Nasibi websites are flooded with articles against mourning for Imam Husayn (as). Read more →
Deobandi Salafi Evil
The ultimate guide to Deobandis & Salafis and their beliefs. We go in to the depths of their roots, where they originated from, who their spiritual forefathers are, and what kind of beliefs they posses. Read more →




Shia Pen is a continuation of tremendously successful “” project. Shia Pen consists of same team and resources as before. This change is only a skin deep with only the name of the project being changed. This has been commissioned due to the growing nature of the project, which was originally launched to answer the falsifications of a certain website against the Shia. In time grew considerably and it no longer was limited to answering one particular website.

It was fitting to adopt a name which truly reflected wide range of articles we were publishing and an easy to remember one too. Hence “Shia Pen” is launched.


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