Islam is the divine faith, provided by Allah (swt) it is a means via which we submit to the will of our Creator (swt). This Deen was conveyed through 124,000 Prophets, some who were sent to a location, town or people. Each Prophet brought certain aspects of the Deen, starting with Adam (as) and it was completed with the Prophethood of Muhammad (s). Read more →
As soon as the moon of Muharam al-Haram appears, the Mullahs express their outrage at mourning for Imam Husayn (as) and pledge to get mourning processions banned. Nasibi websites are flooded with articles against mourning for Imam Husayn (as). Read more →
If we analyze history, particularly during times of battle, we see that some of the biggest war crimes were those perpetuated by senior commanders who co-coordinated all manner of transgression against the enemy. Whilst in the past war crimes could be covered up by the State, the world wide media provides little opportunity for such misdeeds to be hidden from the public domain. Read more →

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