Chapter Thirteen: Street Processions (Juloos)


Year long processions using the shirt and beard of Uthman

The Sunni Imam Ibn Qutayba in Al-Imama wa Siyasa, vol 1, page 42 states:

“Naila (wife of Uthman), took the hairs of beard of Uthman, which were pulled out by Muhammad bin Abi Bakr. And she put these hairs in shirt of Uthman and ordered Naumaan Ibn Bashir to take them to Mu’awiya in Damascus”.

In the same book, page 78, it is also written:

“One of Muawiya’s ambassadors told him: I have left 50,000 old people in such a state that they have made their beards wet with tears, while they are weeping after looking at the shirt of Uthman. And this shirt has been raised by them on the spears.”

And in authentic Sunni book Al-Bidaya wa al-Nihaya, Volume 7 page 255, it is written:

فوضعه معاوية على المنبر ليراه الناس، وعلق الاصابع في كم القميص، وندب الناس إلى الاخذ بهذا الثأر والدم وصاحبه، فتباكى الناس حول المنبر، وجعل القميص يرفع تارة ويوضع تارة، والناس يتباكون حوله

“Mu’awyia kept the shirt on the pulpit to let the people watch it and he attached the fingers to the shirt, the people started weeping around the pulpit and calling for revenge. Afterwards, it used to be placed and then removed for sometime from there. For a whole complete year people wept upon that shirt in this way.”

Similarly we read in al-Kamil fi al-Tarikh, Volume 2 page 58::

وكان أهل الشام لما قدم عليهم النعمان بن بشير بقميص عثمان الذي قتل فيه مخضوباً بالدم بأصابع زوجته نائلة إصبعان منها وشيء من الكف وإصبعان مقطوعتان من أصولهما ونصف الإبهام، وضع معاوية القميص على المنبر وجمع الأجناد إليه فبكوا على القميص مدة وهو على المنبر والأصابع معلقة فيه،

“Numan bin Basheer went to the people of Syria holding Uthman’s bloodied shirt in which he was killed and the severed fingers of his wife along with some part of palm. Mu’awiya placed the shirt on the pulpit and the soldiers were surrounding it and were weeping over the shirt for a while, the shirt was on the pulpit and the fingers were hanging from it.”

These references make it beyond doubt that beard of Uthman was pulled with such force by son of Abu Bakr that it came in his hand. These hairs and Uthman’s bloodied shirt were sent to Mu’awiyah in Damascus, who did a lot of ‘Azadari over them. Sometimes they were kept on the Mosque pulpit, and at others they were raised on the spears and shown to the shell shocked Syrians. Processions wherein the shirt and hairs were paraded went on for an entire year. These Nawasib say that sitting in sorrow is restricted to one’s wife, and even then it is restricted to the period of Iddah i.e. ONLY 4 months and 10 days. If this is the case then why did the son of Hinda and his sidekicks mourn Uthman for a complete year? Were they all wives of Uthman?

Let us not forget the comments of the learned advocate of Muawiya

Ibn al Hashimi who insists:

Additionally, comemmorating Ashura with any special ritual would be adding to the faith of Islam, and this is Bidah. Bidah is considered part of Hell-Fire, and whoever invents a Bidah is promised Hell-Fire as well.

Were these public processions under the auspices of Muawiya wherein Damascans were invited to mourn under Uthman’s bloodied shirts and his wives fingers not acts of Bidah? Is Ibn al Hashimi prepare to deem Muawiya and all those participants innovators that shall burn in Hell?

It’s very sad that these so called Muslims show sorrow for the killing of this 70 years Bani Umayyah tribesman but when it comes to mourning the family of the Prophet (s), who were slaughtered in state of thirst in Karbala, they become machines of issuing all manner of Kufr Fatwas against such acts.


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