Chapter One: Introduction


In this article we will analyse a controversial topic that forms the bulk of Salafi / Deobandi campaigns against the Shi’a – cursing the Sahaba. A mere glance of their sites and texts will suffice to determine that the main topic that they use to incite their blind followers to hate the Shi’a is this one. Never is a topic that generates greater emotion amongst Nasibi than this one. For these Nasibi this discussion creates a series of steps that if followed leads to an undeniable conclusion. The steps are as follows:

  • The Shi’a curse the Sahaba
  • Those that curse the Sahaba are kaafirs
  • The Shi’a are therefore kaafirs
  • Those that curse the Sahaba should be killed

Simple and logical for the followers of Mu’awiya to get their heads around, this theory carries one key flaw – it cannot be corroborated by the Qu’ran, Sunnah, the life of Rasulullah (s) or the Sahaba whose honour they seek to defend. Undeterred by this notable weakness they continue this propaganda line unabated, the reason is threefold:

  • It becomes an effective way to block out discussion with the Shi’a (like a Computer Shut Down – why talk to the Shi’a they are kaafir).
  • It is an effective deterrent mechanism aimed at reverts who might be more rational / willing to talk to the Shi’a (this method frightens confused / unsure reverts away from the truth).
  • It is a means of protecting the sacred institution of the Sahaba, by stemming and discussion / analysis of their wrong actions.
  • It becomes a tactical means of shedding the blood of the innocent Shi’a, killing Shi’as is justified, for they curse the Sahaba, the perpetrator of this heinous crime should be killed.

In Pakistan the Deobandi camp have proudly carried through this penalty, and have openly martyred thousands of innocent Shi’a, professional, academics, scholars, worshippers in mosques even women and babies have not been spared. For groups such as SSP all is perfectly legitimate since the elimination of those that curse the Sahaba is a religious duty.

In this article we have sought to place the assertion of these Nasibi under the microscope. The approach that these Nasibi apply on the Haq Chaar Yaar Website is just like that of baking a cake. They will create the base – cursing the Sahaba makes you a kaafir, and then add some additional ingredients (Fatwas of Sunni Ulema) to try and create legitimacy for their stance. Whilst we have already addressed such Fatwas in our article the creed of the Shi’a, this article shall seek to address this evidence from another angle.
Please see our article: The creed of Shia’a; explained

The bottom line is the base and ingredients that these followers of Mu’awiya have sought to present to the Sunni masses is without foundation, they have no Islamic basis for believing what they do, this Nasibi rhetoric is just a means to get a ‘name’ amongst the Nasibi clergy that will ultimately lead to generous cash hand outs from King Fahad. May Allah (swt) accept our intention, and bless Prophet Muhammad and his purified family.


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