Chapter One – Introduction


If we analyze history, particularly during times of battle, we see that some of the biggest war crimes were those perpetuated by senior commanders who co-coordinated all manner of transgression against the enemy. Whilst in the past war crimes could be covered up by the State, the world wide media provides little opportunity for such misdeeds to be hidden from the public domain. When we see tragedies like the slaughtering of innocent civilians in Iraq, or the torture of prisoners in Abu Gharaib we see how such offences are often overseen by senior army officials. As Muslims, we are outraged and distressed by such actions, and we are even more angered when we hear ‘excuses’ offered to explain such tragedies. Unfortunately if we analyze Islamic history, we will see similar accounts of war crimes by commanders. Justice would suggest that we condemn such actions and particularly those that behaved in such a manner in the same way that we see war crimes being committed today in the name of ‘freedom’. It is indeed tragic that rather than condemn such criminals, those individuals have been admired and forgiven for their actions. It is tragic that our opponents have deliberately elevated individuals who were possessed all manner of inhumane / irreligious traits and then awarded them revered titles. They overlooked such crimes and in fact offered all manners of excuse for them. What better example can there be than the Sahabi Khalid bin Walid. As a Kafir he posed a serious threat to Islam and played a lead role against Muslims during the battle of Uhud, wherein the Prophet (s) was injured. When he apparently accepted Islam, (as history reveals) rather than mending his ways, he pursued the same attitude and actions thus causing damage to Islam from within. Adhering to the same old stubbornness, the cruelties committed by Khalid bin Walid did not hinder our opponents from extolling him, purely because he was a Sahabi. We therefore decided to dedicate a small piece of work to reveal the actual characteristics possessed by this notorious Arab thug, and for this reason we shall:

  1. Unveil the incident wherein he unjustly killed a Sahabi Malik bin Nuwayrah, in order to earn war booty and to marry his widow for which he didn’t even make her observe Iddah, rather he raped her on the very night of her husband’s murder.
  2. Expose the brutal mentality possessed by Khalid by citing other incidents.

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