Chapter Five – The implications stemming from the incident of Malik bin Nuwayrah


 Ansar.Org stated:

The incident of Malik ibn Nuwayrah is one of those cases which are frequently cited by Shi’i propagandists whose first step in the direction of convincing and converting the Ahl as-Sunnah almost invariably assumes the form of an attempt to prove how innately corrupt and evil the Sahabah were (na’udhu billah).

Corruption by definition refers to one that is marked by immorality and perversion and depravity. If Khalids murder of Mailk and his comrades, the fornication with his wife and maltreatment of his decapitated head, the act of legitimizing rape committed by his fellow does not prove he was corrupt, then Nawasib have a very different definition of word ‘corrupt’ to us. If despite such atrocious acts and the eye witness testimony of Abu Qatadah that Malik (ra) was a believer, Abu Bakr sought to absolve Khalid putting the matter down to a mere mistake, then that is blatant evidence of corruption on his part.
The harsh reality is the deeds of Khalid bin Walid raise serious questions of the Sunni doctrine that all the Sahaba are just and truthful. We ask our readers to ponder over these questions:

  1. How can the murder of innocent Muslims and the fornication with his dead wife prove that Khalid bin Walid is just and truthful?
  2. Are the Sahabah duty bound to observe the Shariah?
  3. Are they subject to the laws of Shariah if they commit criminal offences?
  4. The killing of a mu’min is a clear violation of the Shari’a, and Allah (swt) sets out the punishment for such an individual:“And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense shall be hell, he shall abide therein and God’s wrath (Ghazibullaho) shall be on him and his curse (lanato), and is prepared for him a great torment” (Surah Nisa, v 93)Khalid bin Walid killed a Mumin so why is this verse not applicable to him?
  5. Is the Khalifa not duty bound to implement Shariah?
  6. Abu Bakr chose not to implement Shari’ah, what Qur’anic verse gives the Head of State such discretion?

 Ansar.Org stated:

It is extremely unfortunate that the vicious and unscrupulous propaganda of the Shi’i missionaries has succeeded in turning the sentiments of many a Muslim against this great son of Islam and the pride of its military commanders. Having swallowed the story about the wife of Malik ibn Nuwayrah hook, line and sinker, they now cannot bear to think of Khalid ibn al-Walid except in the vilest of terms. They find themselves unable to associate his name except with the concocted legend of the wife of Malik ibn Nuwayrah.

We appeal to justice! Khalid bin Walid unjustly killed Muslims, yet instead of condemning his act, the Nawasib are busy offering excuses for him. Face facts, the wrath of Allah (swt) is one that kills a believer, yet Khalid killed numerous innocent Muslims and is a respected ‘son of Islam’ whose war crime should be put down to a mere mistake.

We have proven in this article that Khalid bin Walid did indeed murder Malik and ‘married’ his wife. This fact was attested by the Ulema of Ahle Sunnah, even their revered Imam Ibn Kathir. Moreover his other war crimes against those that opposed Abu Bakr and killing of women has also been placed before our readers. If despite this you are still prepared to refer to a murdering fornicator as a ‘great son of Islam’ then we clearly have a very different understand of Islam, but then again this is not surprising since our opponents deem those that shed the blood of innocent Muslim men, women and children, as ‘great sons of Islam’ and why shouldn’t they? They have great role models such as Khalid ibn al Walid to look up to. Any objective rational person that assesses these crimes would indeed assess Khalid in the vilest of terms. No logical person would wish to associate themselves with a war criminal. We would also ask these Nawasib to stop using double standards. The Muslim world was outraged by efforts in 2003 by the Catholic Church to canonize the notorious Queen Isabelle. This is how that matter was reported in a British Newspaper at the time:

Spain’s Roman Catholic bishops are to petition the Pope to canonise Queen Isabella of Castile, one of history’s most vilified monarchs.
Senior churchmen led by Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco, the Archbishop of Madrid, yesterday revived a campaign asking that Queen Isabella be beatified, the first step towards being made a saint.
They hope for her to be beatified next year to mark the 500th anniversary of her death.
During her tempestuous 15th century reign, Isabella conquered much of Latin America for the Vatican, ended the 700-year presence of Moors and Jews on the Iberian Peninsula and assured the hegemony of Castile and the Catholic Church in Spain.
“We have investigated every aspect of this controversial and fascinating woman and it appears to be the time to abandon intransigence and see her in the context of her time and environment,” said Jose Delicado, the Archbishop of Vallodolid, at the launch of the campaign, which was attended by Latin American ambassadors to Madrid.
Earlier attempts to launch Isabella – or La Catolica as she became known – on the road to sainthood ended in ignominy.
Waves of protest accompanied a 1999 initiative, with her detractors accusing her of exiling Jews and Muslims from Spain, instigating genocide in Latin America and setting up the Inquisition, which tortured and burnt hundreds of her country at the stake. news article

If the Sunni world rightly opposes the canonizing of a brutal dictator that shed the blood of innocent Muslims why do they have no shame when they describe a Sahaba that slaughtered innocent Muslims to be ‘hero’ and ‘Son of Islam’?


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