Chapter Ten: Conclusion

Traditions that imply that the Quran has been a victim of Tahreef are present in both Shia and Ahle Sunnah texts. From our detailed discussion we have proved that the Shia of Ali (as) do not believe in the distortion of the Quran and our belief has been corroborated by the prestigious scholars of Ahle Sunnah. Imam of Ahle Sunnah Muhhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz Dehalwi in his renowned anti-Shia book writes:

“It is proven from all the traditions of the Imamia that the Ahlulbayt used to recite this same Qur’an and based their decisions in accordance with it. The commentary of the Qur’an by Imam Hasan Askari is the commentary of this same Qur’an. All his children, relatives and servants studied ‘this’ Qur’an, and he used to order them to recite this Qur’an when praying. It is due to this fact that Shaykh Ibn Babuya in his book “Al Eitiqad” denied that the Qur’an had been altered.”
Tauhfa Athna Ashariya (Urdu), page 216 by Shah Abdul Aziz (Aram Bagh, Karachi)

Imam of the Deobandies Shaykh Abu Muhammad Abdul Haq Haqqani in his famed Tafsir of Holy Quran confirmed the fact that the Shia believe in the authenticity of the Quran. In the English translation of his tafsir we read:

“(3). An answer to the third objection is that, critics among the Shia sects are quite averse to such an idea and clearly show their disapproval of it. Sheikh Saduq Abu Jaafar Muhamed, the son of Ali Babaya, tells us in his Treatise upon Creeds that “Holy Qoran given by God to the Prophet is just the same which people have near themselves. It has neither deductions not additions in it”. Sayyid Murtaza who had been acknowledged as one of the learned Shias, thus writes in his commentary called Majma-ul-Bayan, “the Qoran is exactly the same that was in the time of our Prophet, without a bit of change”. Qazi Nurullah Shustari in his book Masaib-uin-Nawasib writes that it is quite wrong to ascribe it to the Shiahs that they believe there are changes in Quran. The critics among us do not believe in it at all. It would bring no credit to some who might be led to do so. Mulla Sadiq in his book Shrah-e-Kulaini says that Holy Quran will remain quite free and safe upto the time of Imam Mahdi. Muhammad the son of Amili, has refuted this spurious idea with strong arguments”
 An introduction to the commentary on the Holy Qoran by Maulwi Aboo Muhammad Abdul Haqq Haqqani (published in Calcutta 1910), page 306

This can also be found in Tafseer-e-Haqani, 1st Edition, Page 63, published in Lahore.

Why do the Deobandies of Sipah e Sahabah still accuse the Shia of believing that the Quran has been distorted when their Imams accepted the testimonies offered by the Shia on the authenticity of the Holy Quran?

In addition to the above two, there exist numerous Sunni scholars who likewise endorsed that the Shia believe in the completeness of the Holy Quran. They include:

  1. Imam Abu Zahra Misri in Al-Imam Al-Sadiq, page 206, Published Egypt.
  2. Shaykh Ghazzali of Egypt in Difa an Al-Aqida wa Al-Shariah, page 265-266, Publishers Al kutub Al hadisia, Egypt, 1985
  3. Allamah Shamas-ul-Haq Afghani as quoted in Ulum-ul-Qur’an, page 134-136, Published Lahore
  4. Principal of the Shariah Department of Al Azhar University, Allamah Shaykh Muhammed-al-Madani in Risalah’thul-Islam, 11th Edition, pages 382-383, 4th Part

Alhamdulilah both Shia and Ahle Sunnah do not believe in the traditions recorded in their texts referring to Tahreef of the Quran, they have solved and understood such traditions on this topic which are termed Sahih with Taweel and Tojeeh. But the Nawasib who reject the interpretation of such traditions as offered by the Shia Ulema want to impose their own understanding of such traditions on us. If they are going to continue to adhere to this stance then by the same token they also have no right to offer any excuses and interpretations for the authentic texts inferring tahreef that are recorded in their books.

If these minds that are polluted with the filthy disease called Nasbism are still adamant on their Shia hatred and want to attribute the belief of Tahreef of the Quran to us, deeming it Kufr whilst ignoring the narrations of their own beloved scholars and Sahaba we are likewise entitled to demand that the same edicts are issued against all of those notable figures who have either narrated, recorded or endorsed the traditions that imply that there has been Tahreef in the Quran.

The list of those Sahaba and Tab’een who testified about mistakes in the present day Quran


  1. Ayesha
  2. Hafsah
  3. Umar
  4. Ibn Umar
  5. Uthman bin Affan
  6. Aban bin Uthman
  7. Ibn Abbas
  8. Abu Musa al-Ash’ari
  9. Ubai bin Ka`b
  10. Abdullah Ibn Masud
  11. Abu Muawyah
  12. Urwah bin Zubair
  13. Hasham bin Umro
  14. Harun bin Musa
  15. Zubair bin al Harees
  16. Akramah
  17. Abdullah
  18. Yahyah bin Abu Bashir
  19. Saeed bin Jubair
  20. Ismail Makki
  21. Qatadah
  22. Hassan Basri
  23. Ubaid bin Zuhaak
  24. Mujahid

This is a list of ‘some’ of those sahaba which we have derived in the light of Tafseer Dur al Manthur, Tafseer Itqan and other sources. If all Sahaba are like stars and anyone amongst them can be taken as guide then by the same figures these figures who marked errors in the Quran of Uthman are also worthy of being followed.

The list of those Sunni Scholars who have stated, recorded or have endorsed the traditions which evidence distortion to the Quran


  1. Jalaluddin Suyuti
  2. Imam Bukhari
  3. Imam Muslim
  4. Abu Daud
  5. Ibn Hazm
  6. Imam Hakim
  7. Imam Dhahabi
  8. Imam Ahmed
  9. Ibn Kathir
  10. Ibn Hajar Asqalani
  11. Imam Behaqi
  12. Qurtubi
  13. Abi Bakar Sajistani
  14. Baghwi
  15. Imam Fakhruddin Razi
  16. Imam Ibn Jarir Tabari
  17. Imam Shokani
  18. Imam Badruddin Al-A’ini
  19. Imam Anwar Shah Kashmiri
  20. Shaykh Abdul Wahab Sherani
  21. Raghib Asfahani
  22. Allamah Qazi Thanaullah Pani Patti
  23. Imam Abu Hanifa
  24. Imam Auzai
  25. Imam Malik
  26. Dr. Israr Ahmed

Interestingly a world renowned Nasibi figure Maulana Haafiz Maher Muhammad Mianwali writes in his book “THE JA’FARI FIQH AND MUSLIMS” which is also available online at the website of Muawiya bin “Hinda Haq Char Yaari” [the four friends of Hinda]:

Maulana Haafiz Maher Muhammad Mianwali

Khomeini, like many of the present-day shiiahs, does not hold the view that the Qur’an has been changed. On the other hand, he does not regard Nuurii Tabrasi as an apostate, but respectful refers to him and authoritively quotes him in his book, ‘Wukaayat Faqiih’. –Al-Hukuumatul Ilaahiyyah’.

Do the Nasibi Meher Mianwali and present-day adherents of his school hold the view that the Quran has been changed? When they have a plethora of texts in their authentic sources that imply Tahrif, what point he is trying to make here? And have Meher Mianwali and his fellow Nasibi mullahs and adherents ever declared the above cited 24 Sahaba and Taba`in and 25 prominent scholars and Imams of Ahle Sunnah as apostates? Or should we apply the same Nasibi logic and automatically deem them as apostates? Rather then grade them as apostates why do these individual still enjoy respect and an authoritative rank? Don’t the Nawasib of Sipah-e-Sahaba continually bark on about respecting such individuals to the extent that they issue fatwas of Kufr on those who malign them ?

Why do they demand what they themselves do not initiate? Why the double standards? Those who claim that anyone who has recoded a tradition which implies the incompleteness of Quran is Kafir, should in the first instance pass this Fatwa against the scholars listed above.

The father of Sipah-e-Sahaba namely Haq Nawaz Jhangvi went a step further and after quoting a text from a Shia scholar and interpreting it according to his own thought yapped in one of his speeches:

Haq Nawaz Jhangvi stated:

“No Shia has ever given edict of Kufr on him, no Shia has ever called him La’een (cursed one), then I reserve this right that Shia is worst Kafir on planet…..he is the biggest Kaafir on this earth, biggest Dajjal on this planet, buggest La’een on this earth, biggest Iblis on this earth, to cover the Kufr of this Kaafir is actually to make your heareafter destroyed”

Did Nasibi Jhangvi place his whore mothers veil over his filthy eyes when he read his ‘Sahihs’and other authentic texts which contain a wealth of texts that imply Tahrif to the Quran? What prevented him from issuing the same Kufr Fatwa against the Salaf and their Ulema in his speech who recorded details on Tahreef? Why did he never declare the above cited 25 Imams as the worst Kaafir, Iblis, Dajjal, and the worst La’een creatures on planet? If he reserved the right to call Shia authors Kafir and La`een then he and his Nasibi followers should also have no objection if their opponents reserve the right to do likewise. If according to the logic of this follower of Hinda’s madhab, to cover the text which implies Tahrif is actually to destroy one’s hereafter then we have alhamdulilah preserved our hereafter by citing numerous traditions and statements from Sahaba and Imams recorded in their texts which clearly imply Tahrif to the Quran.


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