Chapter One: Introduction


Whilst we find hadiths in both Shia and Sunni text implying that there might be some corruption of the Quran such traditions are rejected as unreliable and there remains a consensus among Shia and Ahle Sunnah about the completeness, purity and authority of the Holy Quran. Whilst this should not therefore be a topic of debate, we have still chosen to publish an article on this topic for two reasons:

  1. To clarify the naïve minds who read such traditions and fall into confusion.
  2. Nasibi attacks on the Shia belief in the completeness of Quran due to some weak traditions recorded in our text (Just as there in the authentic Sunni text).

We wish to make it clear from the outset that we had on numerous occasions shelved plans to publish this, since we feared the material being used as propaganda fodder for Jews and Christians. Unfortunately since such a fear didn’t hinder them in the slightest, they shamelessly continued producing materials on the Shia ‘belief’ in tahreef we were forced to refute them by highlighting tahreef traditions from the pen of the Sahaba and scholars they venerate.

Nawasib have for centuries focused on suggesting the Shia of Ali (as) ascribe to tahreef of the Quran. This mantle has been inherited by the post modern day Nawasib such as Sipah-e-Sahaba and Salafies/Wahabies who have dedicated their resources, time and efforts on issuing takfeer against Shias on the basis of traditions implying changes to the Quran. We shall inshallah provide a detailed refutation of such Nasibi propaganda, and will present the actual Shia view from our prestigious scholars and the Imams of Ahlulbayt (as). Thereafter we will also expose the Nasibi hypocrisy by citing authentic Nasibi texts which that evidence that their revered Sahaba and Scholars that they extol, narrated, recorded or endorsed a plethora of traditions to demonstrate their beliefs in the incompleteness of Quran. Once we have brought these traditions to the attention of our readers, we allow the Nawasib to issue an appropriate edict on the Imaan of such blessed individuals.

Important Note: Wherever we write ‘Deobandies’ they do not include learned Deobandies rather only those anti-shia fanatics who have abandoned all aspects of morality and decency in their extremism and are unaware of the actual teachings of the Deobandi school on account of their being infected by a noxious virus called Wahabism/Salafism.


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