Chapter Nine: Conclusion

Following is the list of people who are involved in the murder of Uthman:

  1. Aisha
  2. Talha
  3. Zubayr
  4. Abdulrehman bin Udays
  5. Amro bin alk-Hamiq
  6. Amro bin Badil al-Khazai’s
  7. Jabalah bin ‘Amr al-Said
  8. Sa’d bin Abi Waqas’s
  9. Jahjha bin Saeed Al-Ghaffari’s
  10. Muhammad bin Abi Hudayfa’s
  11. Kurbaib bin Abraha’s
  12. Amro bin al-Aas
  13. Ansar of Madina
  14. Muhajireen of Madina
  15. Momineen and Muslimeen
  16. Children of companions

This is the harsh reality. The works of Ahle Sunnah have identified these assailants for their hand in Uthman’s killing whether by word or actions they were his killers. Sadly this contradicts the majority view that all the Sahaba are just, whoever of them you follow will be guided – hence Abu Sulaiman seeks to gloss over these facts and identifies other killers of Uthman.

The followers of Mu’awiya have offered a vast array of excuses to protect the Sahaba but the fact is they are weak an untenable. The Ulema of Ahle Sunnah had no regrets / hesitation in narrating the fact that the Sahaba were those that took the lead role in uprising and killing Uthman. The Sahaba incited opposition to him, the Sahaba cornered him and they killed him.

It is ironic that the Sahaba that Uthman had appointed in the provinces also turned their back on him when he most needed their support! Since Ansar and their fellow Nasibi brethren have a habit of playing the ijtihad card whenever it comes to defending the actions of the Sahaba – how about here? Can killing Uthman, not be deemed a mistake in ijtihad on the part of the just Sahaba?

We should stress to our Sunni brothers and sisters that if you do indeed hate the killers of Uthman, then you should have the courage and conviction to blame ALL his killers that includes Hadhrath Aisha, Talha and Zubayr. It was the presence of these key figures that gave opposition to Uthman some credibility since here stood famous Sahaba opposing Uthman, and the wife of the Prophet issuing takfeer against him.

Little wonder is it that other Sahaba joined the anti Uthman platform including Sahaba that participated in Badr. Despite this fact, the followers of Mu’awiya with Abu Sulaiman at the modern day helm rather than identify the ‘real’ murderers of Uthman have instead to sought to hide their guilt by bringing another name into the hat, namely Ibn Saba. We pray that if Uthman was indeed wrongly killed, may Allah (swt) never forgive his assailants as well as those that have sought to cover their identities from the ignorant masses.(Ameen).

The Ahle Sunnah deem Uthman as Momin while the punishment for killing a Momin from the Qu’an is:

“And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense shall be hell, he shall abide therein and God’s wrath (Ghazibullaho) shall be on him and his curse (lanato), and is prepared for him a great torment” (Surah Nisa, v 93).

Do Nawasib believe that the killers of Uthman (who are Sahabah) that committed this sin will go to Hell as this verse states?

The Qur’an is applicable to all, Sahaba and non Sahaba. What is their stance of the Sahaba in light of this verse? This leaves Abu Sulaiman and other Uthman advocates in a very difficult position. If Uthman was a believer then those Sahaba that killed him will burn in Hell. How do you reconcile this with the fact that this includes those Sahaba that Sunni traditions suggest had been guaranteed Paradise? In this day and age these Nasabi make a huge hue and cry stating that the Shi’a respect the killer of the 2nd Caliph Umar. Do you have any right to state such a thing when you love and revere those that oppressed and killed your 3rd Caliph?

And lastly, we should remind our readers that the filthy Nawasib propogate the lie that the Shia killed Imam Hussain [as] and now they weep for Him [as], we have discussed this issue in our article “Who killed Imam Hussain [as]?”. In this this article, we have proved that it was the beloved Sahabah of the Nawasib that participated in the agitation and murder of Uthman, we therefore reserve the right to ask these Nawasib:

“Since your Salaf ancestors killed your Caliph, why do you deem his killing a tragedy and an incident of grief?


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