Chapter One: Introduction


Whilst this article is primarily a refutation of Ansar’s article on Uthman, it shall also take the opportunity to address the common Nasibi accusations pertaining to the topic of the murder of Uthman. We shall refute such lies in by:

  1. Refuting the baseless notion that a Jewish character namely Abdullah Ibn Saba and his followers were involved creating an atmosphere of agitation against Uthman that subsequently resulted in his murder.
  2. Identifying those prominent Sahabah whose role in agitation against Uthman and then in his murder has been preserved in the annals of history.

Like his ancestors, the gist of’s author Abu Sulaiman is to absolve the Sahaba of any wrongdoing in the killing of Uthman. He has done his utmost to locate sources that protect the leading companions, for he knows too well that failure to do so, in effect raises serious questions on the Ahle Sunnah’s aqeedah on the justice of the Sahaba. Just like other Nasibi endeavors, this is yet another feeble attempt to protect specific corrupt companions and point the finger at other quarters in hope that he can convince his readers that the Shi’a are liars. Yet again Abu Sulaiman has used dishonesty, and yet again his lies shall be exposed.

By the end of the article, readers will realise the ancestors of our opponents had themselves killed their caliph and yet up till today they insist he was an innocent oppressed victim. What is even more tragic is the fact that the murderers attributed the murder to an innocent party and unjustly waged war on them.


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