Chapter Fourteen: Conclusion

We read in Fatwa Azizi page 251, Hadith Thaqlain (The Hadith of the Two Significant Things).

It should be known that the Sunni and Shi’a madhab are in agreement that Rasulullah (s) stated:

‘I am leaving amongst you two things; if you follow them you shall never go astray after me. These two compliment one another. One is the Book of Allah, the other is my Ahl’ul bayt (as)”.

This is one of the most Mutawatur (Successively transmitted) Hadiths in Sunni Hadith methodology. It is shocking that the most incontrovertibly correct statement that Sunni scholars accept that ever came from the tongue of the Prophet (saws) is rarely recounted to the Sunni public. It really is shocking and it smells of a cover-up of the truth by paternalistic-minded Sunni scholars.

From here it can be ascertained in relation to the Shari’a of Allah that man must adhere to following both these two significant things. It is clear that the aqeedah and deeds are false of one who does not follow these two weighty things – any authority and anyone that denies these two has rebelled against the Deen. At Karbala, Imam Husayn (as) was the symbol of Allah (swt), and it was Yazeed who was the rebel against the sign of Allah (swt). The Sunni khilafat had turned against Allah (swt) and had done so before all mankind. This is why Yazeed is such an embarrassment to the Sunni establishment. Yet Husayn (as) was so good, that even they cannot help but revere him.

Our appeal to justice

We have cited the fatwa of Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi with regards to the position of one that rejects the Ahl’ul bayt (as). This was from the mouth of one of the lead opponents of the Shi’a of his time. The Shah stated that a madhab that opposes the Ahl’ul bayt is false and bears no value. When we see today’s Nasibi presentation of the Ahl’ul bayt (as):

  • Their raising doubts over the teachings upheld by the Ahl’ul bayt in Karbala,
  • Their rejection of the great sacrifice of Imam Husayn (as) in Karbala,
  • Their refusal to accept that the stance of Ahl’ul bayt (as) was a stance between truth and falsehood
  • Their belief that Imam Husayn (as)’s opposition was ‘dangerous agitation’ and that he was a baghi

These facts have been presented before you, and we appeal to those who claim themselves to be Ahl’ul Sunnah, why do you remain silent and allow the Nasibi to bark in the manner that Azam Tariq and Co. do?

If your silence is on account of the fact that to speak out to defend Imam Husayn (as), may be misconstrued as support for the Shi’a as he is their Imam, then what judgement can we give on the state of your claiming to have iman, shahada and love for Ahl’ul bayt (as)? When it comes to the issue of disrespecting the Sahaba your honour is immediately challenged and you stand up vocally and attack the Shi’a on your websites, and yet when these Nasibi openly bark against the Ahl’ul bayt (as) in this type of manner then you all remain silent on the matter. You might not know it but the Nasibi plague is subconsciously affecting your hearts. The true scholars of ahl-al-Sunna vehemently condemned Yazeed. Yet the Nasibi ulema, for reasons we have exposed, blatantly lie and say that in the battle between good and evil, good was evil and evil was good. Yet are you becoming those masses of whom the Prophet (saws) said that the Ummah would, in the last days, listen to ulema who lie? You should know that even if the entire Sunni world sides alongside the Nasibi on this issue, it shall not effect the Ahl’ul bayt in the slightest. It is your soul in the balance, not that of Imam Husayn (as). All Muslims accept he is the Chief of the Youths of Paradise. And we are all youths in Paradise. Will you be one of those youths?

For more details on the supreme sacrifice of Karbala access any Shia bookshop. We plan to produce details on the ultimate battle of good versus evil on this site.


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