Chapter Eight: Hadith referring to Yazeed and his era


Abu Hurraira sought protection from the events of 56 Hijri

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  2. Fatah ul Bari Volume 13 page 10 Kitab al Fitan
  3. Tareekh al Islam (Dhahabi) Volume 2 page 339 Dhikr Abu Hurraira
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  5. Al Bidaya wa al Nihaya Volume 6 page 228

Abu Hurraira would walk through the markets and ‘O Allah don’t accept the events of 56 Hijri and I don’t see this boy’s reign’

In Fatah ul Bari Ibn Hajr states that:

“Abu Hurraira was referring to the youth of Quraysh”

Abu Said al Khudri’s condemnation of 60 Hijri

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  2. Majm’a al Zawaid, Volume 6 page 231
  3. Musnad Ibn Hanbal, Volume 3 page 38
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  5. Al Bidayah wa al Nihaya, Volume 8 page 230

Ibn Kathir states:

“Abu Said al Khudri narrates that he heard Rasulullah (s) say after 60 Hijri undeserving people shall ignore prayers and enter the deepest part of Hell”.

This hadith is also a condemnation of Yazeed since he became the Leader immediately after 60 Hijri.

Rasulullah (s) said Yazeed will destroy my religion

We read in al Bidayah Volume 8 page 231 Dhikr Yazeed:

Justice shall rule my Ummah until the first individual who shall destroy my Deen, from the Banu Ummayaa his name shall be Yazeed.

Yes, imam of the Nawasib Yazeed is accused of destroying the Deen by the Holy Prophet (saws) himself. I say we destroy the Deen of the Nasibis. Their Deen is different to that of other Muslims, Shia or Sunni.


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