Chapter One: Introduction


The topic that we present concerns the character of Yazeed ibn Mu’awiya. Whilst many would feel that this topic serves no purpose since all Muslims are aware of Yazeed’s notorious character and heinous deeds, one should know that in recent years the increased influence and infiltration of Salafi and Nasibi minds into the Sunni consciousness has led to a sudden turnaround in the way that many ordinary Sunnis tend to view Yazeed. If in the past the common Sunni would curse and condemn Yazeed, today voices shaped by influential Nasibi Shaykhs have led to Sunnis becoming confused on this topic. Some have adopted a code of silence, refusing to pass judgement on Yazeed, which is exactly what these Nasibi want; others have joined hands with these Nasibi wherein they have:

  • Openly advocated support for Yazeed’s reign, deeming it legitimate
  • Rejected the notion that Imam Husayn’s opposition was a battle between truth and falsehood.
  • Deemed Imam Husayn (as) a rebel (astaghfirullah)
  • Extolled Yazeed as a man of noble character
  • Denied his role in killing Imam Husayn (as)
  • Vigorously opposed cursing Yazeed

The true inspiration of the Nasibis is, unlike that of most Sunnis, a deep-seated resentment and hatred of the Ahlulbayt (family of the Holy Prophet (saws)). Numerous proofs of this exist on this website already. In this article we have decided to analyse the Nasibi appraisals for Yazeed. Whilst the focus of this article are the comments of Azam Tariq, and his passionate defence of Yazeed on the Haq, Char Yaar Website, we also felt it imperative to clump these comments with similar comments of writers on Ansar.Org who are also trying to falsely portray themselves as warriors of Ahl’ul Sunnah. Although we had rebutted some comments on Yazeed in our article on Mu’awiya we did not focus on the specific issue of Yazeed, who was in popular Muslim belief the most vile leader of Muslims ever. Hence the decision was taken to dedicate a separate and detailed rebuttal to this beloved Imam of the Nasibi movement.


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