Chapter One: Introduction

In this article we will seek to address one of the most common objection raised by Nawasib against the Shias, namely their recital of ‘Ali un Waliullah’ in the Kalima and Adhan. Nawasib stoke up all manner of hatred in their papers and speeches by appealing to the ignorant masses to ask themselves ‘How can the Shi’a be Muslim when they have amended the Kalima and Adhan?’.

What these Mullah’s don’t tell their adherents is that similar forms of Kalima recital can actually be located in their very own books, when such evidence exists then why the objection? Why do these Wahaby Mullah’s suffer from indigestion upon hearing the recital of ‘Ali un Waliullah?’ These Mullahs attack on the Kalima Wilayah serves to substantiate our positions that these figures are Nawasib, Munafiqeen and the products of Halala. If the recital of the Kalima Wilayah is a sin then we suggest that these Nasibi Mullah produce their evidence from the Quran and Hadeeth, but they don’t they just play on emotions. It is unfortunate that the same Mullah’s who don’t know their parentage suddenly have become Mufti’s against us! We will seek to prove that this addition is in accordance with the Qur’an and Hadeeth and hence our critics have no right to attack us. We shall also take the opportunity to show Mu’awiya’s followers that they have no right to take shots at the Shi’a on this issue when their own Salaf have themselves amended the Kalima and Adhan.


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