Chapter Thirteen: Conclusion


Alhamdulillah it is proven from the Holy Quran and the renowned books of our opponents that Shia Salat is in complete conformance with the instructions of Allah [swt] and the practice of the Prophet of Islam [pbuh&hf], and those who accuse Shia, are themselves drowned in the quicksand of blindness, fanaticism and novelties. Other than that it is also proven that on an issue as important and as frequent as Salat, our opponents are stuck to acts that negate their title of Ahl-al-Sunnah and highlight them as Ahl al-Biddah. Not only that but also more confusing is the fact that all the schools of Ahl al-Sunnah are divided in the matters of Salat and contradict each other a great deal, still when it comes to their own differences, they close their eyes like pigeons and think that reality would change, but start accusing us for nothing even in a state when their own books certify the Salat of Shia.

There is a gracious advice to our opponents that first they should decide that what is the correct method of prayer, and who from amongst the Hanafis, Shafe’is, Malikis, Hanbalis, and AhleHadith perform the prayers in the correct manner. Once this matter is agreed upon among the Sunnis, only then they can claim any right of accusation on us, but when their mouths are shut against each other even in the presence of so much of differences amongst them, then they should also stitch their tongues when it comes to the School of Ahl ul-Bayt [as].

We claim and we have already proven that we are the true adherents of Sunnah of Prophet [saww] and the Holy Imams [as], and our opponents cannot prove their claim of following the Sunnah of Prophet [saww], but yes we do agree that they are the followers of the Biddahs of their Caliphs and the Ummayads.

Allahuma sale Ala Muhammad wa Aale Muhammad.


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