In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The world that we live in is made of multiple religions / schools of thought. It is human nature for adherents of a specific religion to deem others as deviants who are aloof from the right path. It is however wrong to blindly follow a religion and deem yourself as better than others, without having conducted a detailed / objective research into your own beliefs.

With this in mind, Allah (swt) gave me the power to identify the true path. I state this confidently, having conducted extensive research and consulted various religious texts that the sole true religion is Islam. Despite this fact it is unfortunate that Islam is divided into many sects that as a consequence leave researchers in a quagmire, unable to ascertain which sect is the correct one. Other than Islam all other religions have no sense or purpose. This confusion can lead to people resenting the Deen. The Shi’a Ithna Ashari faith has everything in accordance with correct manners, and no one highlight such faults. Having examined the matter at depth I am proud to say that the Shia Ithna Ashari faith is purer and truer than any other path. The Shi’a Ithna Ashari faith is the only faith that covers every aspect of one’s life. According to the Shia faith, Islam is based on five Pillars:

  1. Tawheed (Oneness of ALLAH)
  2. Adl / Adalat (Justice)
  3. Nabuwat / Risalat (Prophethood)
  4. Imamat (Divine appointments)
  5. Qaiyamat (Judgment Day)

We shall now see why the Shia Ithna Ashari madhab (Twelver) is the true faith that shines as the correct the path over all religions, and as our evidence we shall discuss these five Pillars of Islam in detail.


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