Chapter Four: The Ahl’ul Sunnah wa’ al Jamaah fatwa on the Nasibi cult

Imam of the Ahl’ul Sunnah Shah Abdul Aziz’s fatwa that Nawasib are equal to dogs and pigs

The high-ranking Sunni scholar Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith Dehlavi writes in his famed anti-Shia book:


Tuhfa Isna Ashriya, Page 6, By Shah Abdul Aziz

Tuhfa Isna Ashriya, Page 6, By Shah Abdul Aziz

“The Ulema of Ahl’ul Sunnah regard the enemies of Ali, the Nawasib as the worst party, that recites the Shahada. We regard them as equivalent to dogs and pigs”.

Interestingly the Nasibi Ulema declare that you cannot drink from the bowl that the Shi’a have drunk from, but if a dog drinks from that same vessel you can. The rationale behind this fatwa is quite poignant in light of Shah’s comments, after all ‘birds of a feather flock together’. Those compared to dogs (Nasibis) will no doubt share water with their brethren. Dehlavi was of course pointing to the fact that Nasibis are Nijis (impure) in the same way that dogs and pigs are.

Imam of Ahl’ul Sunnah Shah Abdul Aziz’s fatwa that the Nasibi ideology is Kufr

Shah Abdul Aziz further writes:


Tuhfa Isna Ashriya, Page 227, By Shah Abdul Aziz

Tuhfa Isna Ashriya, Page 227, By Shah Abdul Aziz

“To suggest that there were no objections raised against Hadhrath Ali – by the Nasibis and Khawariji’s is incorrect, because the Khawarij and Nasibi like their black cursed faces have likewise blacked many pages. To make references to their kufr here would be disrespectful; but we have no choice since to quote the kufr matter is not kufr…”.

It is sufficient hear to say that one group has turned its back on the Family of the Prophet (s) and that group are the Nawasib. A peculiar trait of Nasibis is that they portray sympathies towards the Sahaba so as to gain acceptance from the Ahl’ul Sunnah. They will praise the Sahaba whilst at the same time disrespecting the Prophet (s) and his family. They will begin by attacking the companions and will then attribute what they have just said to the Shi’a – so as to pass kufr fatwas on them. It is so simple to declare Takfir on someone nowadays, that no one evades the Nasibi net, and they even have the audacity to declare that the esteemed parents of Prophet (s) were Kaffir.

According to Imam Naseemuddin Muhammad bin Merak al-Hanafi the curse of Allah, angels and of all human beings are on Nawasib

Imam of Ahle Sunnah Mulla Ali Qari in his book Jama al-Wasail Sharah al-Shumail, Volume 2 page 211 (Egypt) records the fatwa of Imam Naseemuddin Muhammad bin Merak Shah al-Hanafi (d. 935 H):


Jama Al-Wasail Fi Sharh Al-Shamail, Vol. 2 Page 211, By Ali bin Sultan Mohammad Al-Hanafi

Jama Al-Wasail Fi Sharh Al-Shamail, Vol. 2 Page 211, By Ali bin Sultan Mohammad Al-Hanafi

“An individual who has been declared a Nasibi carries no credibility and there is no respect for him, in fact he is an accursed and a lair, may the curse of Allah, his angels and of all human beings be upon such a person”






According to Qadhi Shokani Nawasib are Kafir

Qadhi Shokani states:

وإذا ثبت أن الناصبي من يبغض عليا عليه السلام فقد ثبت بالأحاديث الصحيحة الصريحة في كتب الحديث المعتمدة أن بغضه نفاق وكفر ۔ ۔ ۔ وثبت أن من أبغض عليا فقد أبغض الله ورسوله وبغض الله ورسوله كفر ۔ ۔ ۔ وفي الباب أحاديث كثيرة من طرق عن جماعة من الصحابة.وفي هذا المقدار كفاية فإن به يثبت أن الناصبي كافر، وأن من قال لرجل يا ناصبي! فكأنه قال: له يا كافر ۔

If it is proven that a Nasibi is one who bears a grudge towards Ali (as), then it is proven beyond a doubt throughSahih ahadeeth which clearly state in the book of ahadeeth that bearing a grudge against him (Ali)  is hypocrisy and kufr ….[and then Shokani mentions the books and narrations]…it is hence proven that being jealous of him is tantamount to being jealous of Allah (swt) and his Prophet (s) is kufr …[Shokani again cites the the books]…and in this regard there are many ahadeeth from chains to the Sahaba and that shall suffice to prove that a Nasibi is a Kafir and so if someone calls a person ‘Oh Nasibi’ it means he said ‘Oh Kafir’.
al-Fatah ul Rabbani min Fatawa Imam Shokani, Volume 2 pages 873-876 (published in Yemen) 


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