Chapter Fourteen: The Nasibis belief in Iman

The Nasibi ruling that having sex with one’s mother and murdering one’s father does not lessens one’s faith

We read in Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 378:

حدثنا وكيع قال اجتمع سفيان الثوري وشريك والحسن بن صالح وبن أبي ليلى فبعثوا إلى أبي حنيفة قال فأتاهم فقالوا له ما تقول في رجل قتل أباه ونكح أمه وشرب الخمر في رأس أبيه فقال مؤمن

Wakee narrated that Sufyan al-Thawri, Shurayk, al-Hassan bin Saleh, Ibn Abi Layla gathered and invited Abu Hanfia. When Abu Hanifa arrived, they asked: ‘What is your opinion about a man who killed his father, had sexual intercourse with his mother and drank alcohol in his father’s skull?’ He replied: ‘He is Momin’.

Now ponder over the reply from the Imam of the Deobandis such as the Nawasib of Sipah e Sahaba! If someone has sex with his mother his faith remains unaffected! There are different levels of one being a Muslim – based on one’s actions. A Fasiq is a transgressor, a Fajir is one who commits debauchery – both are Muslim in that they proclaim the Shahada but so disgraceful are their actions that they fall in to these categories. A true sincere believer is a Momin. If copulating with one’s mother and killing ones father is the act of a Momin (a sincere believer) what does one need to do to become a Fasiq or Fajir? Are these examples a Momin? Notice the Nasibi contradiction here, those who disrespect the Sahaba are kaffir whereas those who sleep with their mothers, kill their fathers making trophies out of their skulls are Momin – the top rank of believer.

Another Nasibi example of one being ‘Momin’

We read in Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 372:

أخبرنا علي بن محمد بن عبد الله المعدل أخبرنا محمد بن عمرو بن البختري الرزاز حدثنا حنبل بن إسحاق حدثنا الحميدي حدثنا حمزة بن الحارث بن عمير عن أبيه قال سمعت رجلا يسأل أبا حنيفة في المسجد الحرام عن رجل قال أشهد أن الكعبة حق ولكن لا أدري هي هذه التي بمكة أم لا فقال مؤمن حقا وسأله عن رجل قال أشهد أن محمد بن عبد الله نبي ولكن لا أدري هو الذي قبره بالمدينة أم لا فقال مؤمن حقا

Al-Harith bin Umair said: ‘I heard a man asking Abu Hanifa in the mosque about a man saying: ‘I testify that Kaaba is true, but I don’t know if it is the one which situated in Makka’. He (Abu Hanifa) replied: ‘He is a true believer [Momin Haqqa]‘. Then he asked him about a man saying: ‘I testify that Muhammad bin Abdullah is a prophet but I don’t know if he is the one whose grave is in Madina’. He (Abu Hanifa) replied: ‘He is a true believer [Momin Haqqa]‘.

Nasibi belief that Muslims can worship a shoe

We read in Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 15 page 509:

حدثنا يحيى بن حمزة وسعيد يسمع ، أن أبا حنيفة قال : لو أن رجلا عبد هذه النعل يتقرب بها إلى الله ، لم أر بذلك بأسا

Yahya bin Saeed said: ‘Abu Hanifa said that if anyone worships this shoe in order to get close to Allah (swt), it is not a sin’.


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