Chapter Twelve: Nasibis proudly portray their caliphs and scholars to be homosexual and child molesters


We all know how much young Nawasib such as those of Sipah-e-Sahaba ( love to visit their Mullahs in their Madrassas at all hours of the day and night. After reading the citations below, the prudent and decent Muslims will come to know the reason that Mullah and student are so attracted to one other.

Ibn Kathir confirmed that there is a nexus of homosexuality with the Sunni clergy

The fact that both their elite rulership and clergy are replete with homosexuals is a fact admitted to by none other than the great Imam of Nawasib Ibn Kathir who in his authority work al-Bidaya wa al-Nihaya Volume 9 page 184

وهي فاحشة اللواط التي قد ابتلي بها غالب الملوك والأمراء والتجار والعوام والكتاب والفقهاء والقضاة ونحوهم إلا من عصم الله منهم ، فإن في اللواط من المفاسد ما يفوت الحصر والتعداد ولهذا تنوعت عقوبات فاعليه ولإن يقتل المفعول به خير من أن يؤتى في دبره ، فإنه يفسد فساداً لا يرجى له بعده صلاح أبدا ، إلا أن يشاء الله ويذهب خبر المفعول به ، فعلى الرجل أن يحفظ ولده في حال صغره وبعد بلوغه ، وأن يجنبه مخالطة هؤلاء الملاعين الذين لعنهم رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم.

Homosexuality has spread amongst the majority of kings, commanders, merchants, folks, clerks, clerics (Fuqaha), judges etc. except those who have been protected by Allah (swt), verily homosexuality contains countless defects, which is why the punishment varies for homosexuals, verily to kill a homosexual is better than allowing him to partake in it, because there is no likelihood of rehabilitation, unless Allah (swt)’s desires that he be cleansed of it, a man should therefore preserve his son during his childhood and adulthood, and he should not let him communicate with these cursed people who have been cursed by Allah’s apostle.

Now let us cite Imam Bayhaqi who in his prominent work Shu’ab al-Eman, Volume 4 page 359 recorded the orthodox mentality of the Nasibi clergy in respect of young boys from the testimony of none other than one of the beloved pioneer Sunni scholars Imam Suyfian Thawri:

أخبرنا أبو عبد الله الحافظ حدثني محمد بن أحمد الذهلي حدثني محمد بن موسى قال : سمعت محمد بن حاتم بن نعيم بمكة يقول سمعت حيان يقول سمعت عبد الله بن المبارك : دخل سفيان الثوري الحمام فدخل عليه غلام صبيح فقال : أخرجوه فإني أرى مع كل امرأة شيطانا و مع كل غلام بضعة عشر شيطانا

Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak said: ‘Once Sufyan Thawri entered a bath room and then a handsome boy came in. Sufyan called out: ‘Please take him away from here, for if there is one Satan present with a woman, there are more than ten Satans present with a beautiful boy.’’
Shu’ab al-Eman, Volume 4 page 359 Tradition 5404

Imam Ibn al-Jauzi has likewise recorded the submission of Imam Thawri:

يروى عن سفيان الثوري أنه قال مع الجارية شيطان ومع الغلام شيطانان فخشيت على نفسي من شيطانيه

It is narrated that Sufyan Thawri said: ‘With every woman there is a Satan, whilst with every boy there are two Satans, I was hence fearful of his two Satans’
Talbis Iblis, page 338

Let us also read the following interesting episode:

عن أبي بكر المرزوي قال جاء حسن البزاز إلى أحمد بن حنبل ومعه غلام حسن الوجه فتحدث معه فلما أراد أن ينصرف قال له أبو عبد الله يا أبا علي لا تمش مع هذا الغلام في طريق فقال له إنه ابن أختي قال وإن كان لا يهلك الناس فيك

Abu Bakr al-Maroozi narrated that Hassan al-Baza came to visit Ahmad ibn Hanbal and with him was a beautiful boy. He talked to him and when he wanted to leave, Abu Abdillah (Imam Ahmad) said: ‘Oh Abu Ali, don’t walk with this boy on the street. He replied: ‘He is my sister’s son’. He (Imam Ahmad) said: ‘Even so, otherwise the people will have suspicious thoughts about you.’
Talbis Iblis, page 337

According to Nawasib, Imam Abdullah bin Mubarak (d. 181 H) was homosexual

The personality of Abdullah ibn Mubarak is well known amongst the Ahle Sunnah. He was a famed student of Imam Abu Hanifa. Imam Dhahabi stated about him: ‘Imam, Sheikh ul Islam, the scholar of his time, the leader of the pious of his time’ (Siar alam alnubala, v8 p378). Ismail bin Ayash said: ‘There is no one on the earth better than ibn al-Mubarak and every good quality Allah has created, He placed in Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak’ (Siar alam alnubala, v8 p384). Now, let us read about one such ‘good quality’ possessed by Imam Ibn Mubarak as recorded by Allamah Ragihb Asfahani in his famed work Al-Muhadarat al-Udaba, Volume 1 page 199:

لما استولى الناصر على طبرستان فوض إلى عبد الله بن المبارك القضاء، وكان يرمي بالابنة، فقال: يا أمير المؤمنين أنا أحتاج إلى رجال أجلاد يعينونني! فقال: قد بلغني ذلك.

“When al-Nasir ruled Tabaristan, he appointed Abdullah bin Mubarak as a Judge, who was addicted to the anus (was homosexual) he (Ibn al-Mubarak) asked: ‘Oh commander of the believers, I need some tough men who can help me’. He (al-Nasir) said: ‘I was aware of your need before this’.

According to the Nawasib their Qadhi Yahya bin Aktham (d. 242 H) was a homosexual

Before we unveil the character of this person, let us introduce this person from the words of Imam Dhahabi cited him as ‘the supreme judge, the jurist, the scholar’ (Siar alam alnubala, v12 p5) and also stated: ‘He was among the mujtahid Imams’ (Siar alam alnubala, v12, p6). Allamah Ragihb Asfahani records in his famed work Al-Muhadarat al-Udaba, Volume 3 page 351:

دخل يحيى بن أكثم على المأمون فرأى عنده غلاماً صبيح الوجه فقال له المأمون: استنطقه وامتحنه فقال له القاضي: ما الخبر؟فقال له: الخبر خبران خبر في الأرض أنك لوطي، وخبر في السماء أنك مأبون، فقال له المأمون: وأيهما أصح؟فقال: خبر السماء فخجل يحيى وانقطع.

“Once Yahya bin Aktham went to Mamun and saw a cute boy sitting next to him, Mamun asked: ‘Talk to him and examine him.’ Then the Qadhi asked: ‘What’s the news?’ The boy replied: ‘On earth it is known that you are a homosexual whereas in the skies it is known that you have an addiction to the anus’. The Qadhi asked: ‘Which news is correct?’ The boy replied: ‘The news in the skies can never be wrong’ Yahya then felt shy and remained silent.

In Siar alam alnubala, Volume 12 page 10, we read the following about this esteemed Sunni Imam:

وكان عبثه بالمرد أيام الشبيبة

“He used to mess with cute boys when he was young”

We read the following poem by Ahmad bin Abi Naeem which he wrote for Yahyah bin Aktham in Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 14 page 196:

حاكمنا يرتشى وقاضينا … يلوط والراس شر ما راس … … لا احسب الجور ينقضى وعلى … الأمة وال من ال عباس

“Our Governor takes bribe,
Our Judge is homosexual
And as long as the Abbasides rule
I have no confidence that tyranny will subside”

Imam of the Deobandies Maulana Qasim Nanatovi loved to undress children

Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi known in the Deobandi world as ‘The Physician of the Muslims’ [Hakim al-ummat] and ‘Reformer of the Nation’ [Mujaddid al-Millat] narrates the following ‘decent’ habit of his master Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanotavi:

“Maulana (Muhammad Qasim Nanotavi) used to laugh and speak with the children and he used to make fun with Jalaluddin Sahibzada Maulana Muhammad Yaqub [rh] who was a child at that time and he used to sometimes putt off his (child’s) cap and take off his Izar (waist-sheet cover).”
Hikayat e Awliyah, page 191 (published in Karachi)

As Thanvi failed to record what Maulana Nanotovi performed ‘next’ we shall likewise refrain from adopting conjecture! What is relevant is this example demonstrates that nudity (even child nudity) is perfectly acceptable for Deobandis. Deobandis should not feel disillusioned if they ever see their local Madrassas full of Mullahs surrounded by naked boys, if anything this demonstrates how at ease the Deobandi clergy are with child nudity.

The Nasibi Caliph Yazeed was a homosexual

Regarding the sixth caliph of Nawasib, Imam Dhahabi records the following words from the sermon of Abdul Malik bin Marwan the seventh caliphs of Nawasib in ‘Tareekh Islam’ Volume 1 page 634:

ولست بالخليفة المستضعف – يعني عثمان – ولا الخليفة المداهن – يعني معاوية – ولا الخليفة المأبون – يعني يزيد

“I am not weak like Uthman and I am not cunning like Mu’awiya and I am not a homosexual like Yazeed”

The Nasibi Caliph Waleed was a homosexual

Imam Dahabi records about him in Tarikh al-Islam, Volume 8 page 294:

ولم يصح عن الوليد كفر ولا زندقة نعم اشتهر بالخمر والتلوط

‘It is not true that al-Waleed was Kafir or Zindeeq, yes he was known as drunkard and homosexual’


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